FIELD TRIPS At Buffalo Creek Vacations on Trinity Bison Ranch



  • Teachers FREE
  • Each child gets a Free cup of goat feed in a souvenir cup
  • Each child gets a Free Coloring Book w/ coupon for Staycation or birthday party
  • Price per child is $10 with a minimum of 10 students.


This reflects a 50% discount off our regular price to show our appreciation for the hard work & dedication to the next generation of children. We support hands-on learning experiences for children!

The schedule of a field trip:

9:15 –   Arrival

9:30 –   Bison Feeding (Talk w/ rancher Harold)

10:00 – Visit BC Barnyard
             feed goats, llama (feel llama wool), alpacas, mini horses,
mini donkey, rabbits

10:30 – Tour the Agapeland Model Rail Road
             Conductor will talk @ electric/history of trains/art

11:00 – Potty Break / Wash Hands / Visit gift shop

11:15 – Noon—Lunch


Optional:  Can hike to the playground

 For any questions or to schedule your field trip please call (828) 550-0960