COVID 19 Cleaning Procedures


We’re committed to ensure enhanced cleaning protocol, which was developed in partnership with experts in health and hospitality.

Here’s what we’ve done to clean and sanitize the space:

Approved products: We use cleaners and disinfectants approved by global health agencies
Thoroughly checked: Each room was cleaned using extensive cleaning checklists
Clean and tidy: We cleaned, mopped and/or dusted before sanitizing
Every surface sanitized: All high-touch surfaces have been sanitized from doorknob to light switches with CDC approved disinfectant spray.

To help prevent cross-contamination, once we finish cleaning and sanitizing a room before resetting it for the next guest.

During the reset stage, we:

Wash hands and put on clean gloves before refilling any guest supplies, towels, or linens
Safely dispose of or wash cleaning supplies and protective gear
Empty and sanitize the vacuum cleaner after every cleaning