Clyde - North Carolina

Gateway to Smoky Mountains

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Located just 20 miles west of Asheville, Clyde is a charming and welcoming small town.   Clyde has a small selection of restaurants and great museums.  Just outside of town there are great hiking trails and waterfalls to explore. If you want to visit a quiet small town, Clyde is the spot to get away from the hustle of modern life.

Imagine the scenic vistas of Smoky Mountain lookout points, driving down winding, forested mountain roads, pulling over to get out and admire a roaring waterfall, settling in for a cozy evening by the fireplace, and waking up and sipping your coffee as the golden sun comes up over a smoky mountain horizon. This is the kind of vacation you can have in one of our Clyde cabins, enjoying the beauty of nature and the simpler things.

If you live a busy life in the city or just need to get away to the mountain woods and enjoy quaint small-town atmosphere, staying in Clyde is an excellent choice. This is the type of place you come not for excitement, but for peace, tranquility, and a taste of a simpler way to be.      Things to do-in        Clyde Visitor Center        Local Weather



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