Buffalo Creek : Experience "LIVE CLUE"

Live Clue

Gather your friends, family or coworkers for an        unforgettable experience

Remember all the fun you had playing CLUE as a child?  Now you can play LIVE CLUE.  Pick your favorite character to dress up as & come solve the murder of who done it, with what & where!

Must have 6 players minimum – 12 maximum

Game Options:

  • #1 – no refreshments
  • #2 -light refreshments & drinks (non-alcoholic)                                                  Typical menu includes: fruit, cheese & crackers, pigs in a blanket, dessert     and ice tea, soda & water

We host the game at one of our vacation cabin rentals.  Depending on the date you would like determines which property we will be in based on availability.  

If you are staying on the property we would come to your cabin.


#1 w/ 6-8 players = $30 per player                                                                               #1 w/ 9-12 players = $28 per player

#2 w/ 6-8 players = $38                                                                                                  #2 w/ 9-12 players = $35



Please call (828) 550-0960 

We have time slots for 2 1/2 hours

*** Reservations Required for all Events ***


Office Address:

13 Caboose Way
Clyde, NC 28721